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Sarah has been one of my major role models for as long as I can remember. As a teacher, she is exceedingly knowledgable in several styles of dance, allowing for all of her students to be well rounded and is always learning and making her classes new and interesting. Sarah is very determined and has had a large impact on the successes that I have had throughout my dance career and life. Sarah impacts every person that she teaches in such a positive way that anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her will definitely be inspired.


Kendra Gowdy - lifelong student


Sarah has a reliable work ethic, she is always available for her team members. Sarah provides support, key insights, ideas and direction when possible. Sarah puts forth a strong effort to educate herself and enrich her skill set to benefit not only herself but the students she is working with. She is well organized and is consistent in meeting deadlines and obligations. Sarah has a. Strong ability to observe and handle any age group, she supports multiple needs and builds young dancers up for success. Any studio, business or student would be lucky to have any opportunity to work with her.

Laurie Jamieson - Director of Chrome Dance Centre

Having Sarah in your show, or on your creative team, essentially gives you a headstart. She's the kind of performer that you just know will bring 110% to very crazy thing you ask her to do. She's part of the Neptune family.

Jeremy Webb - Artistic Director, Neptune Theatre


April and Grace

We are writing this note to talk about Miss Sarah Rorabeck. Miss Sarah has been my daughter’s
dance teacher since she was four. My daughter is now almost 14. There is so much from our 10
years with her that we could share about how truly wonderful Miss Sarah is! We just hope the
descriptions of our experiences with her truly capture our thoughts and feelings about her
talent and love of dance!
To begin, Miss Sarah is an amazing talent as far as dance and dance instruction goes. Not only
does she run recreational and core instructional classes for a wide age-range of students, she
also choreographs competitive routines in different genres. For Grace, this has included her tap
solo and a tap duet, as well as contemporary and jazz groups, Musical Theatre numbers and
productions for our competitive seasons. Her talent across genres is something special! I truly
believe that her knowledge, understanding of, and experiences in the different genres enables
her to have a more well-rounded picture of her dancers, and this allows her to choregraph for
them on a more personal level, leading to dancers who feel not only challenged, but successful,
in their art.
When I asked my daughter how she felt about Miss Sarah, she became a little choked up. As I
mentioned above, Miss Sarah has been teaching her for the last 10 years, and has been a strong
role model for her throughout that time. She expressed gratitude for Miss Sarah’s supportive
nature, but more importantly, Grace is extremely thankful for the positive relationship she has
with Miss Sarah. Grace shared that going into class with Miss Sarah is something she always
looks forward to – this is huge! Motivation can be fleeting in teenagers, so as a parent, hearing
my child tell me that she still looks forward to classes with the same teacher after 10 years
means those classes are engaging, challenging, and meeting my child’s needs. Grace also told
me that even though Miss Sarah really challenges her in terms of learning (for example, difficult
steps in her solo, duet, or competitive group numbers), she always feels comfortable asking
questions, or asking Miss Sarah to review something again to make sure she understands. Not
only as a parent, but as an educator, again this is huge! If there is no support, students can feel
as though they can’t meet the goals set out for them. I distinctly remember a section of a tap
solo that Grace was struggling with one year. I privately asked Miss Sarah what she thought,
and instantly she replied, “I am not worried at all! She will get it, and we will keep working until
she does. If…and that’s a big if, she doesn’t have it by the end of January, then Grace and I will
come up with a back-up option.” Her preparedness and her calmness are excellent for
situations like these, and when kids know that their teacher is confident they can meet the
challenges they set forth, but are also willing to make adjustments if necessary, kids feel
I know this letter is lengthy, but know that there is so much more I could say about “our” Miss
Sarah! If you have the opportunity to work with her, I encourage you, without reservation, to
do so! I can’t thank Miss Sarah enough for her dedication to dance, and my daughter’s growth
as a dancer; however, her position as a constant positive role model is something I will never be
able to replace…so, thank you, Miss Sarah, from both of us!

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